Welcome to “Let’s Play!”  Here you will find lots of ideas for playing with little ones in order to help teach early communication skills.  Here are just a few links (find all of my posts in the “play ideas” folder)…

Little ones or those using few words:



Where are the WORDS?

Playing with…pound-a-ball

Purposeful Packaging

Playing with…NO toys

The Power of Peekaboo

Communicating before words



Toddlers or those using some single words and starting phrases:


Playing with… PLAYDOUGH!

Playing with… PUZZLES!

Playing with… DOORS

Game playing with toddlers

Playing with… CARS

Playing with…pop toobs


For ALL ages and abilities:

Playing with…BOOKS!

Playing in the… SNOW!

Toys that do nothing

Playing with…MUSIC and SINGING!

BEST TOYS AND GIFTS: a speech therapist’s list!

If you live near the Columbus, OH area, I also offer play and language learning classes “Let’s Play”, a parent/caregiver workshop “Sounds to Sentences” and I will also come to your home for individual play sessions!

“Let’s Play” is a play and language learning class for babies and young toddlers.  The goal is to help develop early communication skills using play. Each week we focus on a different activity or toy theme (books, music, balls, pretend play, bubbles, etc). We also use baby sign language in play and music each week. I provide handouts with ideas for play and sound practice at home based on each theme. Classes are generally divided into babies (under one year of age), Toddler 1 (under 2 years of age), and Toddler 2 (under 3 years of age).

With each class, there are some group activities and also some time for free play as I like to spend time getting to know each child and answer any questions. The goal is for children to interact, have fun, and for caregivers to practice at home how we play in class.

Each session is four, weekly 45-min classes.  Although the weekly themes do not change, I have had many people sign up for the same level (baby or toddler) more than once as the child will experience the class differently as they become more mobile, more vocal.

“Sounds to Sentences” is a one-hour parent/caregiver interactive workshop that I offer in order to help parents learn some of the best play-based strategies for speech and language development.

Additionally, I offer private in-home play sessions.  Contact me for more information or to customize to fit your needs.

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Thank you for taking time to browse my site and hopefully you’ll find a new way to play that you can start at home right away!