Welcome to “Let’s Play!”  Here you will find lots of ideas for playing with little ones in order to help teach early communication skills.  Here are just a few links (find all of my posts in the “play ideas” folder)…

Little ones or those using few words:


Where are the WORDS?

Some books are better left unread

Playing with…pound-a-ball

The Power of Peekaboo

Communicating before words

Toddlers or those using some single words and starting phrases:


Toddler Speech: unraveling the mystery

Playing with… PLAYDOUGH!

Playing with… PUZZLES!

Playing with… DOORS

Playing with… CARS

Playing with…pop toobs

For ALL ages and abilities:

Where’s the speech in speech therapy?

Practice speech when you speak

Empower older siblings to teach

Toys that do nothing

BEST TOYS AND GIFTS: a speech therapist’s list!

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