You have found the cutest wrapping paper. It has your little one’s favorite characters on it.  Seems a shame to give it just a one-time purpose.  What else can you do with wrapping paper that isn’t just wrapping presents?  Even if you prefer to use gift bags for presents, you may still want to get some wrapping paper when it’s on sale!  It can be a fun toy – especially on some of these longer, colder indoor days of winter.

One of the best features of wrapping paper is that it has fun characters in a repetitive pattern.  That makes it perfect for memory/matching games!

Cut out the characters and place one set of matching faces in a box or on the floor or tape them to a cardboard box.  Put the second set of matching faces anywhere else (a different room, in a dry sensory bin, or tape on the wall).  Try it in the dark with a flashlight for even more excitement!

Once the characters are cut out there are lots of other great ways to use them!  Get out a glue stick or some tape and use them like stickers.  Decorate a cardboard box or paper plate.  They can be flashcards, pieces of mail, or even puppets (just tape to popsicle sticks!)

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Of course, wrapping paper is easily torn so if you really want these to last you’ll need to protect them with contact paper so they can be played with more than one day.  Real toys of TV characters can be pricey so using wrapping paper can be an inexpensive way to practice naming your little one’s favorites!

Using the backside of wrapping paper can be a huge blank canvas for finger painting or shaving cream play!  Quite possibly the best part of a wrapping paper roll is the long cardboard tube as the added bonus “toy” when the paper runs out!  This is awesome for a car tunnel, telescope, baseball bat, hockey stick, microphone, or an oar for your cardboard box boat!  Don’t forget to decorate it with your “wrapping paper stickers” that you just cut out! 

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When the paper is inevitably ripped, wrinkled, and beyond repair just wad it all up for a “snowball” toss game!

When it’s the time of year for wrapping paper with every character or festive object in repeating patterns to be abundantly available, stock up!  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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