Here are PDF versions of my most popular blog posts (or at least the ones that might be most helpful to share with others or keep a paper copy for yourself).  I’m also adding some of my favorite graphics.

This is a work in progress so check back if I do not yet have a printable version of a blog post you would like to have.  You can also just send me a message on my Facebook page, contact me through this website, or comment below if you would like a specific post added to this list.

Most of these printable versions have been condensed in order to fit onto one sheet of paper (although a few are two pages).  The full articles will always be on this website.

NEW – Playing with Puzzles

NEW – The Power of Peekaboo

Best Toys and Gifts: a speech therapist’s list

NEW – (Part 2 of “Best toys” with photos of specific toys) Best toys and gifts THE LIST

Some Books are Better Left Unread

Where are the Words

Two Little Words to Encourage Communication

Magical Moments

Toys That Do Nothing

Say What They See

Where’s the Speech in Speech Therapy

Communicating Before Words

Power Words

Playing with Books

Toddler Speech: unraveling the mystery

book play

moments     LESS

Copy of Top