Toys with doors are so magical!  The doors OPEN… and CLOSE!  Ha!  Seriously, the doors can uncover all kinds of wonderful objects inside.

Want to practice colors?  Many of the toys with doors come with colored shapes/ objects to categorize or name.

Use the doors to hide objects with a specific sound.  For example if you want to practice “f” then hide objects (or pictures) like the numbers 4 and 5, a fan, feet, foot, food, fish, etc…

Practicing animals sounds and names?  Hide animals.  Then when the door opens make the animal say “hi” or greet with the appropriate “moo” or “woof”!

Don’t limit the toy’s usefulness to whatever objects were included with it.  If it was a garage-type toy you don’t always have to park cars.  Get out some little people or figurines and put them to bed in their rooms – “night, night” and “ssshhhh”.


Another great feature of many toys with doors is that they often come with keys!  This is a great opportunity for your little one to ask for “HELP” or ask for the “key” that you may have forgotten to give them (on purpose).  Remember to also practice “knock, knock, knock(ing)” on the doors to see if anyone is home “helllllooooo?”

Toys with doors use the same concept as peekaboo or hide and seek.  Remember how your little one loved books with flaps?  Same idea.   IMG_20170817_163339

Call out to the hiding object “MONkey?  Where ARE you?”  Practice “yes” and “no” responses by purposefully finding the wrong object once or twice “is this a monkey? noooo” before finding the right one “yessssss!”  Sometimes a “tada” or “woohoo” works well when you’re really excited about finding the right one 🙂

When it’s time to clean up, make sure to say “bye monkey” and “bye bye” to all the objects, maybe even wish them “sweet dreams” and blow them a kiss!

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