What’s an “in-home play session”?

Those who have taken my “Let’s Play” classes or attended my “Sounds to Sentences” parent workshop will know that I love teaching communication through PLAY. Did you know that I also offer to come to your house?

Who might be interested?
**Parents of toddlers just learning to talk but getting frustrated.

**Parents of toddlers whose pediatrician has said “it’s ok to wait” but while you wait to decide about getting a full evaluation, you decide to try a few play-based strategies to give communication a little boost!

**Parents of babies who are interested in learning best strategies for play and interaction even before true words develop.

**Parents of young children who already receive speech therapy in a clinic but would like help working on communication at home.

**Anyone with an early communicator who thinks play is fun!

Still not sure? Here’s a recent review from my Facebook page…

“My sister and I did an in home session with Emily and our two toddlers, we loved it. The kids were engaged and so interested in her. She had their attention from beginning to end and they both said more words in that hour than we had ever heard them say before! Highly recommend!”

For more information about in-home play sessions send me a message.

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