It’s that time of year… cookouts, flags, fireworks and PARADES!

Taking a baby or toddler to a parade allows for tons of opportunities for sound making and later pretend play.

During the parade, watch your toddler’s eyes. Whatever holds their interest, makes them smile, or warrants a good excited shriek – make sure you name it, say “hi” to it, make a meaningful sound for it, then say “bye” to it as the parade moves along.

“Firetruck! Hi firetruck. Weeeooooweeeoooweeeooo. Bye firetruck”

Nothing better than a parade to practice waving, pointing and saying “hi” and “bye”.

Back at home, practice having a parade in your house! Most houses have some sort of well-worn track around the house so use it as a parade route. Get out a drum and MARCH. Be sure to wave, say hi, put some cars and trucks into the mix, and even line up some dolls or figurines along the “street”.

Happy 4th of July!


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