Play doesn’t always need to be toy-based, especially when we’re thinking about interaction. Let’s focus on playing with a specific sound. One of baby’s first sounds (typically) is “m” which is good because many of baby’s first words need this sound: “mama” and “milk”.

What other ways can we play with “mmm”?

Here’s a short list of other times you may need to put your lips together and say “mmm”:

Blowing kisses “mmmmwah”
Thinking “hmmmm”
Eating “yummmm”
Cows “moo”, goats “meh”
Engine sounds “vrmmmm”

If your toddler is not yet using this sound, think small (single syllable) words: Me, My, Mine, More. If it’s difficult for him to put his lips together for “m” then try some of the more playful activities above and take the pressure off of saying words.

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