My kids have never seen a puddle they didn’t love!  Going on a puddle hunt can be a fun way to practice language skills and get outside after a rainy day.

Put on the rain boots and “stomp” or “splash” or “boom” or “wheee”… whatever fun word or sound makes sense to you.

Search for “big puddles”, “little puddles” and “muddy puddles”. While searching, make sure you SING “Puddles, where are you?” and then announce “I see one!”

Countdown to the splashes with “ready, set…(go, jump)” or “1…2…(3)” or “here it (comes)”!

Make sure you ask your toddler if they want to do it “again?” or find “more puddles?” Give them a chance to tell you they want to keep doing it!

Lots of songs can make good puddle hunt songs. Are you familiar with the book/song “Going on a Bear Hunt”? That one works really well.

Also, try the “If You’re Happy and You Know It” tune: I am looking for a puddle, how ‘bout you? I am looking for a puddle, how ‘bout you? I am looking for a puddle. I am looking for a (puddle). I am looking for a (puddle). How ‘bout you?

Puddle hunting tips:
1. go out as soon as you can after the rain stops
2. have dry clothes ready for when the hunt is finished
3. look for small rocks or sticks to throw into the puddle for extra splashing opportunities 🙂

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*If playing IN the rain is more your style, get out your buckets and try Station! Station!


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