img_20160221_130636460Anyone have a toy like this at home? There are lots of varieties of pop up toys. Some play music…I like the ones that don’t. 🙂

How do you play with it? Seems obvious to just name the animal or character as your child opens each door or as each one appears. Then maybe you ask “where’s the (monkey)?”

I use this toy for practice with “hi” and “bye”. No need to complicate things. Just say “HI” enthusiastically to each one then sadly say “bye bye” as they disappear again. Going for two-word phrases? Try “hi monkey” and “bye panda”.

You can also have your child fill-in “peek-a-(BOO!)”  Do it again.  And again.  No need to change it up.  Practice the same thing for all 5 pop ups so they have 5 chances to say “boo”.

Door won’t open? Try “knock knock knock” and “hellllooooo”. Give your child a chance to imitate.

Inevitably there will be one knob or switch that your child can’t do on their own. This is a great opportunity to allow them to practice asking for “help” or asking you to “open”.

Click on the images below to find a Pop Up toy:

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