Who has this game?  It’s called “Roll & Play” and it’s pretty amazing for young toddlers.  The tagline from the manufacturer says “Your Child’s First Game”.  I disagree, I think that’s peek-a-boo, but that’s a different post…

Learning to take turns can often be a huge challenge for toddlers and even preschoolers.  However, it’s an important step in play and language development as turn-taking is just like the back and forth of a conversation.  Sometimes it’s your turn to talk and sometimes it’s your turn to listen.  If you’ve seen the Daniel Tiger episode for turn-taking then you’ll know the catchy little tune:  “You can take a turn and then I get it back.”  That’s ok if you just sang it when you read this.  Me too.

Keeping the language simple and practicing turn-taking at home while brushing teeth, cleaning up toys, and other daily activities will help your toddler understand the concept when it’s time to go play with other toddlers.

This “Roll & Play” game is great because waiting for your turn is brief and active – two KEY concepts of toddler turn-taking!  Even if it isn’t your turn to roll or throw the cube, the whole group gets to do the activity according to the color card.  It teaches imitation and direction following while also encouraging animal sounds and movement – that sounds like a winner to me!

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