I love these! The basic uses are to pull them, push them, and connect them together. They are pretty loud when you pull them quickly which I sometimes use just as an attention-getter 🙂

Here are some words/phrases to use when playing this way…
Ready, set…go
Help (may be difficult for little ones to play with these on their own)
Raspberry noises (to mimic the sound the toobs make)

When you’re done with that, try some of these other ways to play…

1.  Connect the two ends to form a circle. Use as glasses to look for “missing” toys or people. Play peek-a-boo and put the “glasses” on your eyes when you say “BOO!”

2.  Use the circle as a hat, necklace, belt, or bracelet. Practice “on, off” and short phrases like “mommy’s hat”.

3.  Make a pretend phone to call someone or talk into one end while holding the other end near your child’s ear so they hear a funny or loud voice. ” Helllloooo”.

4.  Link a few together to make a hoop then practice throwing soft toys “in, out” or jumping “in, out”.

5.  Aim it like a firehose “sssshhhhh”.

6.  Link a few together in a line to make a long snake ” ssssss” or a train “choo choo”.


Pop toobs set of 6

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