Sure you could use these to take one out at a time, name the picture, and then ask your child “what’s this?” That may work well for some.

OR…you could play in other ways….

1) Use a mailbox (or any box with an opening) and then wave and say “bye….(car, ball, dog)” to each one as you put them in

2) Use them as a road for your child to walk on or for toy cars to drive on and name the pictures as they are stepped on

3) Tape them up on a wall and then turn the lights off. Use a flashlight to search for them. “I see a…(ball, car, dog).”

4) Scatter them on the floor by tossing them gently and saying “go (ball)” then clean them back up while telling them to “come back (ball)”. Dump/fill or make a mess/clean it up…the game that never ends!

5) Hide behind the cards/cover your eyes with them and play peek-a-boo. Or flip the cards over then say “peek-a- (BALL)” as you reveal the picture.

Click on image to find Touch and Feel Picture Cards


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