Possibly my favorite “go to” toy for younger children! You can use the fancy bubble machines for asking baby if she wants “more” and then using “ready, set…GO” to start it again. However, to really get the most bang for your buck with language and interaction, go with the old standard wand and blow. Of course, babies will all want to eat the wand so make sure you get non toxic bubbles 🙂

Here are some words/sounds to practice when playing with bubbles:
Body parts (when using your “feet” to stomp or pop with your “nose”)
Clap (to clap/pop the bubbles or just for applause)

If baby isn’t yet reaching well, try catching a bubble on your wand and then bring the bubble to her fingers so she gets to “pop” it.

Good for learning turn-taking, practicing blowing, and anticipating “ready, set…GO!”.

Have fun playing with bubbles!


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