If you’re looking for super cute arts and crafts ideas to make with your baby, this is not the post for you. Ha!  However, if you are into the idea of pairing actions with words/sounds in order to work on imitation and speech development then this post IS for you!

The idea of using “art” activities with speech and sound play is just to match your sound to the action.

For long, smooth motions use long, smooth sounds like “ssss”, “sssshhh”, “mmm” and vowels.

For short, bumpy motions use short, bumpy sounds like “p, b, t, d” and change the vowel when the line you’re drawing changes direction: “pa” (up), “pa” (up), “pa” (up), “peeee” (down)

Once your child tries to imitate what you’re doing, they may also try to imitate what you are saying.

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Choose whatever materials/tools you want use: paint, crayons, magnetic doodle pads, chocolate pudding, hands, paintbrushes, toothbrushes, water, shaving cream, sand, etc.

Then try some of these ideas:

*Make dots – say “dot dot dot” (bonus points for singing “dot dot dot” and changing your pitch/volume/speed as you say “dot”)

*Make a straight horizontal line – say “choo choo” as the line gets longer

*Make a vertical lines – say “uuuup” and “doooowwwn” or “oooo” and “aaaahhh”

*Make a curvy line – say “ooowwwee” like a siren as the line curves up and down

*Make big circular movements – say “weeee” or “ooohhhh” (again, lots of voice changes to make it silly and more attention-getting)

Here are some other ideas you might want to try:

Playing with… SOUNDS

Playing with… DOORS

Playing with… magnetic doodle boards

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