Summer is here. Time to be outside (in the shade) with baby or on the go with your newly walking toddler. Nothing beats seeing the world through a little one’s eyes and exploring sticks, rocks, puddles, flowers, bugs in a whole new way! Playgrounds and parks and picnics… so many great ways to play!

The first time my son ever used the sign for “more” was on a swing. Don’t forget to stop the swing occasionally and ask your baby if he wants “more” or if he’s “all done” 🙂

Other great words to try at the playground:
Swings: push, more, stop, peek-a-boo
Climbing things: up, help, you did it!
Slides: Ready, set…(go!), wheeeee, gotcha, again

My personal favorite place to take babies and new walkers is Inniswood Gardens in Westerville!  Flowers, stepping stones, water play, model train set, water fountains, waterfalls, hills to run/roll down, winding trails, natural tunnels, a tree house, a swinging bridge… so much to explore.

Wherever you are, just let baby lead you. Then get down on their level (eye to eye) and use single words to label the action and object that fascinates them so much. Outdoors is a great place to learn and play!

Want more ideas?  Register your baby or toddler for “Let’s Play” at the Westerville Community Center.  Send me a message with any questions or check out my Facebook page for more information!