Baby’s 1st birthday is quite a milestone! However, you choose to mark the occasion, make sure to give yourself a treat for making it through the first year.  THAT is an accomplishment!

Now for the super special moment… It’s time to sing “Happy Birthday!” What a great song! It’s simple, it’s all about “you”, and it ends with cheers and applause.  So, why not use it more often in every day activities?

Try some of these ideas using the tune of Happy Birthday…IMG_20160220_155715592

At meals:
“I give a (cracker) to you
I give (some milk) to you
I give a (banana) to (baby)
I give a (carrot) to you”
Cheers and applause… 🙂

“I change a diaper for you…” (repeat x3)
“I take a picture of you…”
“Good morning to you…”

**Ending with cheers and applause gives baby a way to participate and it’s just fun!

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Remember to save the boxes, bags, and even wrapping paper (to be used as indoor snow balls) as these may just be your toddler’s favorite gifts 🙂

Happy birthday celebrations, everyone!

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