Easter is coming which means egg hunts are on the way! What a fun way to play!! Who doesn’t love a good game of fill and dump? Time to put the eggs “in” the basket (maybe naming the colors as you go) and then “ready, set…GO” to dump them all out again. Then you get to “find” the eggs so you can dump them out again and again!

Want more ideas for egg play? Try some of these…

For the little ones, egg shakers like the ones in the picture are fun to play with and they don’t break open like most of the plastic ones you’ll fill up with goodies. If your baby isn’t putting everything in her mouth you can try putting noisy things (rice, beans) inside the plastic eggs to make shakers.

Put snacks in an empty egg carton to help with fine motor skills as well as sorting and labeling each snack item as you go.

Practice hiding eggs “in” boxes, “on” shelves, and “under” blankets. For the little ones, put the eggs “in” your hand to hide them then play peek-a-boo!

For older kids, have them follow clues to find the eggs…”it’s in the play room, under the blue couch.”

So many great ways to hide eggs, search for “prizes” in different colored eggs, and practice “I found it” or “tada!”

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