Pretending is such an important play skill! When starting to pretend in play keep it simple and pretend with routines that baby knows best – sleeping, eating, and falling down/getting “boo boos” 🙂

Put dolls, cars, trains, stuffed animals to sleep. Sing lullabies to them and use lots of “sssshhhh” sounds.

Feed dolls, stuffed animals, and little people figurines with play food and use “mmmm” sounds when it’s yummy. Have them ask for “more” and they can let you know when they are “all done” too.  Cars and trucks need “fuel” also. Give them gas and use the guzzling sound “guh guh guh”.

Crash some cars together “uh oh…broken”.  Baby falls over and needs a hug “awwww” “boo boo” “kiss”.  Car is repaired and baby feels better – “Hooray”!